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When you are searching for “Elevator Controller & Relay Repair” Colorado Elevator Solutions offers prompt and professional repair.  An elevator relay is a dependable device that is made of electromagnets that will open and close contacts which will route logic to circuits. The basic elevator that has few stops and the manual operation of elevator doors are done by relay controllers. Complex elevators may use relays as well and did so until 1980. Although, the number of elevator relays needed can make it hard to troubleshoot relay issues if they happen.

We proudly provide elevator relay repair and elevator controller repair in Colorado.

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Types Of Elevator Controllers We Repair

There are 3 primary types of elevator controllers which include PLC, Relay and Solid State Logic elevator controllers.

Solid State Elevator Controller

The solid state logic elevator controllers will have integrated circuit boards as well as transistor circuits. It helps to provide easy fault diagnosis, improved reliability and lower power consumption when compared to relay controllers.

Solid State Elevator Controller Applications

  • Commercial low rise buildings such as offices, hospitals and hotels
  • Duplex groups and single lift elevators
  • Passenger lifts in 12 story of less building such as residential buildings or small hotels
  • Drive speeds less than 2m/s

Relay Elevator Controller

Relay controllers are made of electromagnets that will close and open dry contacts and will route the logic to various circuits. Relay controllers are best for elevators that only have few stops and use manual door operations. However, relays can be used for complex elevators and they were a big part up until 1980s. Although, the number of relays that are needed for newer elevators can make it an issue to troubleshoot when there is a problem.

Relay Elevator Controller Applications

  • Passenger lifts in a 3 story or less building such as residential buildings, nursing homes or small hotels.
  • Commercial buildings that are low rise such as offices, hospitals, or hotels.
  • Drive speeds that are less than 1m/s
  • Single lift elevators

PLC Elevator Controller

Because of personal computers, micro processing technology has become affordable. PLC elevator controllers will use microprocessor technology to control the logic on complex elevator situations.

PLC Elevator Controller Applications

  • All size of lift groups
  • All types of elevator lifts
  • Any drive speed less than 10m/s

What An Elevator Controller Is

Elevator controllers are electronic devices that will manage visual monitoring, interactive command control and traffic analysis system control to ensure that the elevator is functioning right.

The main function of the elevator controller is to receive and process signals from various elevator components. It is able to send response signals to the signals it receives to keep the operation of other parts in the system. The signal exchanging is how an elevator controller is able to keep the elevator running smoothly every day.

How Elevator Controllers Interact With Other Components

  • Controls the door opening device for operation of the elevator doors.
  • Is able to set off alarms cause by passengers or excess load signals.
  • Provides lift feedback for elevator passengers through button lights, direction displays and floor number displays.
  • Process position marking information to know where the elevator cab is as well as the speed they are traveling.
  • Processes information sent to the controller by load sensors to ensure that the cab does not exceed the safety weight limit.
  • Queue and processes elevator floor requests that are provided by passengers through button pressing signals.
  • Controls the speed of the elevator engine to move the elevator cabs in the shaft.

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