Elevator Jack Replacement Cost
Written by craig braddick

How Much Does Elevator Jack Replacement Cost?

The average cost of an elevator jack replacement is $50,000. Elevator jack replacement costs ranged from $30,000 to $70,000 for the US in 2018-2019.

What is The Elevator Jack Or Cylinder?

The elevator jack is responsible for moving a hydraulic elevator up and down. So the elevator can move, the jack becomes pressurized with oil when going up and depressurized when going down.

Single Bottom Jack’s Vs. Double Bottom Jack’s

Single bottom jack’s (known as SBJ) were produced before 1971 – as their name suggests they have only one bottom while double bottom jacks possess an additional bottom – these were manufactured after 1971 until around 1989.

Hydraulic Elevator Cylinder Failure

Most jacks are made from corrodable metals. Since they are often positioned underground, the yare exposes to debris, dirt, water that may cause corrosion over time. This is can be a disaster for the owner of a building. It is a major safety issue and your elevator may be out of action for more than 6 weeks.

If the jack has a major failure, the elevator may free-fall causing passengers great harm. There may also be environmental impacts as well. The loss of oil may seep into the ground and water table. This means the owner of the building may be liable for environmental damages as defined by the EPA.

A double bottom cylinder can still fail and will need to be replaced. Nonetheless, most of the time the double bottom will protect against some corrosion and help to prevent a major seepage of oil.

Elevator Jacks After 1989 Have PVC Lining

Since 1989 elevator jacks have been manufactured wit ha lining made from PVC. This serves to protect the jack from corrosion and prevents most failures of hydraulic elevator cylinders.

Should I Replace My Elevator Jack?

Sadly it is virtually impossible to prevent or predict the failure of an elevator cylinder. As the jack is underground here is a lack of preventative measures that can be performed. If you start to notice an excess loss of oil, you are right to be concerned.

If your budget allows and the cylinder was made prior 1989 – it may be worth it to replace the elevator jack instead of having unexpected downtime because you do not have the materials on hand. We can proactively order the materials for you and let your tenants know as well as scheduling the repair in an off-season.

Beware Of The Hole Collapsing

Not a frequent occurrence, but the hole can collapse when the elevator team removes the failed jack. It will extend the time it takes to repair and will be more expensive.  Sadly, there is nothing that can be done about this, aside from preparing for the worst. We suggest getting a budget range from the elevator maintenance company when this occasion arises.

Elevator Jack Replacement In Colorado 

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