Elevator Modernization Benefits
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Elevator Modernization Benefits

If you are searching for the Benefits Of Elevator Modernization, Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! In this article we discuss elevator modernization benefits and what should be considered.

Do You Need Modernization?

The average service life for elevators is about 20 years. Over the years, the performance capabilities will begin to decline. Whenever the commercial elevator stops performing like it used to, it may be time to think about elevator modernization.

To learn if you need to modernize your elevator or not will depend on the satisfaction of your tenants. If there are a lot of complaints about your elevator, then the manager needs to consider modernization to make them more efficient and reliable. They also need to consider that amount of service calls made about the elevator over the last year to see if it has increased.

Benefits Of Elevator Modernization

Take a look at the benefits of modernizing your commercial elevator system.

  1. Modernization Increases Efficiency 
  2. Modernizing Reduced Energy Costs
  3. Reduces Electromagnetic Noise 
  4. Modernization Compatibility & Upgrade Benefits
  1. Modernizing Increases Efficiency

Modernization doesn’t actually increase the elevator speed, but it does increase the efficiency. Modernized elevators can help to group passengers according to what level they are going to with destination dispatch technology. This helps to reduce wait times and eliminates wasted trips. Microprocessors track the traffic patterns of the building and adjust according to the patterns. Modernized elevators can also be fitted with improve acceleration systems to make them slower or faster as well as quicker closing and opening of doors.

  1. Modernizing Reduces Energy Costs

Modernization can make your elevator more energy efficient which reduces energy costs. They may also feed energy back into the building as they descend instead of just releasing heat. This also reduces the energy needed for cooling of the machine room.

  1. Reduces Electromagnetic Noise

Wireless computers and networks are sensitive to any electromagnetic noise. Modernizing the elevator helps to reduce electromagnetic noise, but the drives of solid state elevators will vary about how much noise is produced.

  1. Modernization Compatibility & Upgrade Benefits

The electrical performance may be affected by modernization. Newer solid state drives may not work with older generators because they won’t tolerate the power quality variations.

Managers may decide to upgrade the closed loop door operator system and then replace the system later. Closed loop operators can monitor the door position for increased performance. They system can tell if the motor has drag because of pressure or something on the track, so it can be adjusted.

Elevator Modernization Evaluations

Those who are considering modernization of their elevators need to start with an evaluation. This evaluation will measure door opening time, sound, vibration, acceleration and deceleration. This will show the weak points in the system and show its performance.

Small Elevator Upgrades VS. Full Modernization

If the elevator is still in good working order, it may be possible to make small improvements or upgrades instead of complete modernization, which could save you thousands. The elevator evaluation will let you know if you need to upgrade any other systems to comply with updated building codes. Regular inspections of your elevator will help to prevent any future breakdowns.

Elevator Modernization Services In Arizona & Colorado

If you are considering elevator modernization and do business in Arizona or Colorado, Arizona Elevator Solutions & Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! Give us a call today at 480-557-7600 (Elevator Modernization In Arizona303-777-5020  (Elevator Modernization In Colorado)

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