Elevator Modernization Cost
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Elevator Modernization Cost

On average, elevator modernization will cost $300, with a range of $250-$350 for railing and fixture upgrades in the cab. To completely replace a control system, prices will vary from $800-$1,500. Requesting that an elevator be more energy efficient by installing a new motor or piston will cost between $10,500-$15,500.

Cost Of Elevator Modernization

Why Invest In Elevator Modernization?

The biggest reason to modernize your elevator is for safety. After you take it into consideration, you should consider quick response and efficiency that comes with new technology.

  • Green motors– having newer motors can lower costs of electricity by 40%.
  • Elevators can learn – Modernized elevators can learn traffic patterns.
  • Quicker rides – The wait time is lowered when using electronically controlled acceleration and deceleration dispatching smart systems. These are what sends elevators to different floors to pick people up.
  • Destination dispatch – Passengers put in the floors that they want to go to and the elevator will group the passengers by floor numbers, which allows the elevators to tell passengers which elevator to take to get where they need to go faster. This includes passengers that have programmable cards to use instead of buttons.
  • Acceleration – Modernization will make deceleration and acceleration quicker. Combine this with doors that open and close faster, reduces time it takes to use the elevator.
  • Hibernation – most newer elevators have this. It saves cost of electricity by turning off when it isn’t being used, like turning fans and lights off.
  • Buttons – these can be used for call buttons and even inside of the car which save on the energy costs.
  • LEDs in elevators – using LED lights costs less, and it only uses the half of the amount of electricity and burns much longer.
  • Regenerative drives – For the elevators that are 20 years or older can be refitted with a new regenerative drive, which turns the brake force energy into reusable energy, and it is circulated into the building.

Elevator Modernization Benefits

Take a look at the benefits of modernizing your commercial elevator system:

Modernizing Increases Efficiency

Modernization doesn’t actually increase the elevator speed, but it does increase the efficiency. Modernized elevators can help to group passengers according to what level they are going to with destination dispatch technology. This helps to reduce wait times and eliminates wasted trips. Microprocessors track the traffic patterns of the building and adjust according to the patterns. Modernized elevators can also be fitted with improve acceleration systems to make them slower or faster as well as quicker closing and opening of doors.

Modernizing Reduces Energy Costs

Modernization can make your elevator more energy efficient which reduces energy costs. They may also feed energy back into the building as they descend instead of just releasing heat. This also reduces the energy needed for cooling of the machine room.

Reduces Electromagnetic Noise

Wireless computers and networks are sensitive to any electromagnetic noise. Modernizing the elevator helps to reduce electromagnetic noise, but the drives of solid state elevators will vary about how much noise is produced.

Modernization Compatibility & Upgrade Benefits

The electrical performance may be affected by modernization. Newer solid state drives may not work with older generators because they won’t tolerate the power quality variations.

Managers may decide to upgrade the closed loop door operator system and then replace the system later. Closed loop operators can monitor the door position for increased performance. They system can tell if the motor has drag because of pressure or something on the track, so it can be adjusted.

Elevator Modernization In Colorado 

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