Elevator Modernization Factors
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Elevator Modernization Factors

Are you thinking about elevator modernization? Here are some elevator modernization factors to go by for your decision.

It’s time for you to upgrade your aged elevator, according to the Elevator Contractor, it is time for modernization. For those who don’t understand what this means, keep reading. This article is to help you to understand just how important and what benefits elevator modernization has, which lets you think on if it will or won’t be worth the cost.

Elevator Modernization Factors

Elevator modernization has benefits that fall into two categories: improved technology and improved safety.

Elevator safety and codes:

Over the years, elevators have caused many injuries to people in many ways and under various circumstances, this is often brought to the attention of manufacturers and developers that have created the development of safety solutions in order to reduce the chances of incidents happening. There are new requirements, referred to as elevator code gurus, was a requirement for new elevators. Because of the older elevators are grandfathered in design, they aren’t being forced to upgrade with the code. So what does that mean? It means that older elevators over a long time will become unsafe as it isn’t up to code. The following will help increase elevator safety:

Door Restrictor

This keeps the elevator door from being open or opening at the wrong times. It prevents the doors from being open when it is between floors so that the passengers can’t fall down the shaft.

Emergency phone

This is a phone that allow you to get emergency help if needed. There is a 2010 version of the code which will test the phone every hour to make sure that it is working if there is an emergency.

Light curtain

Older elevators may still have bump pads, but the updated versions have infrared beams that creates a curtain with lights that will sense someone in the doorway.

Fire service

This feature will automatically open the doors, and shut down in case of a fire. It is connected to the fire alarm system, and it will set off an alarm. The elevator will not be able to use once it is off, which keeps people safe.

Even though what is listed above can be installed by non-professionals, it is best to be safe and replace the whole system to get all the safety features as well as updated technology.

For example, when getting elevator modernization, it will include:

  • New technology
  • Door restrictor
  • Equipment that closes and opens doors
  • Fire service/ button panels/ emergency phone

Reasons To Modernize Your Elevator

The biggest reason to modernize your elevator is for safety. After you take it into consideration, you should consider quick response and efficiency that comes with new technology.

  • Green motors– having newer motors can lower costs of electricity by 40%.
  • Elevators can learn – Modernized elevators can learn traffic patterns.
  • Quicker rides – The wait time is lowered when using electronically controlled acceleration and deceleration dispatching smart systems. These are what sends elevators to different floors to pick people up.
  • Destination dispatch – Passengers put in the floors that they want to go to and the elevator will group the passengers by floor numbers, which allows the elevators to tell passengers which elevator to take to get where they need to go faster. This includes passengers that have programmable cards to use instead of buttons.
  • Acceleration – Modernization will make deceleration and acceleration quicker. Combine this with doors that open and close faster, reduces time it takes to use the elevator.
  • Hibernation – most newer elevators have this. It saves cost of electricity by turning off when it isn’t being used, like turning fans and lights off.
  • Buttons – these can be used for call buttons and even inside of the car which save on the energy costs.
  • LEDs in elevators – using LED lights costs less, and it only uses the half of the amount of electricity and burns much longer.
  • Regenerative drives – For the elevators that are 20 years or older can be refitted with a new regenerative drive, which turns the brake force energy into reusable energy, and it is circulated into the building.

Elevator Modernization Return on Investment or ROI

Each elevator will have a different ROI, that depends on its age and equipment being used at the time. To learn if you are a candidate for elevator modernization, contact a professional. They can provide you with an estimate, as well as let you know if you need it or not. It may be best to get a second opinion, just to keep your peace of mind.

Getting more than one opinion can help to make the decision of what you should do. You need to decide if you need to wait to modernize, but keep in mind that passenger safety is most important. There is always the possibility of keeping your passengers safe by installing just a few items listed above.

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