Elevator Repair Service
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Elevator Repair Service

If you are searching for “elevator repair service“, then Colorado Elevator Solutions has you covered!

Elevator Repairs 

Colorado Elevator Solutions provides preventative repairs and maintenance throughout the state of Colorado. The professional elevator service technicians will keep your elevators running smooth and efficiently for years to come. This company offers guaranteed monthly service, which includes a monthly fire service test to comply with code requirements. 

Other various repairs and services performed by Colorado Elevator Solutions include bringing your elevator upgrades up to code, as well as providing any hydraulic cylinder and oil line replacements. Whether your elevator has a broken key switch or requires upgrades to the hydraulic valves or fixtures, Colorado Elevator Solutions is here for you! We also offer full door equipment renovations. 

Contact Colorado Elevator Solutions today for a free quote! Keep reading below for common elevator breakdowns and costs.

Elevators Upgrades Colorado Elevator Solutions Provides:

Elevator Repair Denver

Common Elevator Problems

The following are some of the common issues with elevators, and methods for preventing downtime:

Worn Sheaves

Additional wear is placed on ropes due to worn sheaves, this will raise the amount of wear on sheaves as well. Therefore, causing damage to both parts, instead of just one part.

Depending on the damage done, sheaves can be regrooved, otherwise replacing them will assist in preventing early failure of the hoist rope. You should ensure the grove profiles are checked, verifying the fit between sheave and ropes are proper. There are tools that have magnetic standards with straight edges for visually checking the sheave grooves, ensuring they are wearing evenly.

Solution – Regrooving the sheave

Power failure

An elevator requires a good amount of energy, usually obtained from a commercial building utility system. This means that an update of the system voltage is able to impact the motor operation, and has the potential of damaging the elevator system. Therefore, a power quality survey is recommended on any elevator that has history of operation problems or motor failure.

A drastic change in temperature can be determined using infrared thermography equipment, which is used for identifying potential issues prior to becoming expensive system failures. Some of the more common issues include under/over voltage, which can be spotted easily using power quality surveys, along with fuses which run hot that infrared imaging equipment can detect prior to motor failure.

Solution – Infrared inspections


As things wear down, other parts can become contaminated form small metal particles that get released within the oils, potentially interfering with the elevator system functioning properly. In a similar manner, worn seals or improper lubrication is able to result in contamination issues. To avoid contamination becoming a larger issue, an oil analysis should be conducted to determine if there are any signs of wear or contamination within the motor.

Premature wear of the crown gear (found on geared elevators), along with higher concentrations of aluminum within the hydraulic tank can be detected from the analysis, including a high amount of bronze within the gear case oil, all indicating issues.

Solution – Lubrication and oil analysis

Noisy bearings or bearing malfunction

More than half of all elevator motor failures occur due to bearing malfunctions. It is common for noisy bearings to be caused from motor vibrations. Although variable frequency drives can assist with lowering the energy use of the motor, it introduces common mode current, which increases the vibrations and becomes a dangerous byproduct resulting in potential premature bearing wear. This can become high risk.

As a way to address this issue early, an inductive absorber should be considered for absorbing the stray currents while protecting the elevator system from the chance of breakdowns. In addition, make sure ground are all securely connected, minimizing issues from electrical noise from the ground which could trip the system, or result in false system counts.

Solution – Inductive absorbers

Misaligned motor drive

When electric motors are coupled with other equipment, it is important the shaft alignment is correct. If the alignment is not correct, motor bearings will wear quicker. To detect shaft misalignment, there are a couple methods. First, is a straight edge and string can be employed. Another is using advanced laser measuring equipment.

Additionally, the purchase of geared machines equipped with flange mounted motors can be considered, as they do not require the alignment corrections if the machine has to be disassembled.

Solution – Motor alignment

How Much Does Elevator Repair Cost?

  • Motor Replacement: $12,000
  • Piston gripper installation: $15,500
  • Replace controller wiring: $4,500
  • Cab Wiring: $4,500
  • Cab operating Panels: $4,500
  • Traveling Cables: $3,500
  • Piston: $3,500
  • Replace landing entrance doors: $3,000
  • Door hardware (Mechanical): $1,500
  • Door Hardware (electrical): $1,000

Elevator Repair, Maintenance, Upgrades & Modernization In Colorado

If you do business in the Colorado area and need a professional to take a look, Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! Colorado Elevator Solutions offers experienced elevator repair & maintenance in Denver, Lakewood, Colorado Springs and more. Furthermore, we also offer elevator upgrades and elevator modernization to keep you with current elevator codes.

*Colorado Elevator Solutions offers services in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood, Greenwood Village, Brighton, Cherry Hills Village, Columbine Valley, Lakeside, Limon, Sheridan, Englewood, Evergreen, Glendale, Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, Broomfield, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Morrison, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, Northglenn, Federal Heights, Commerce City, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Castle Pines and throughout Colorado.

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