Elevator Repair Denver

If you are searching for “elevator repair“, “elevator repair service“, “elevator repair near me“, “emergency elevator repairs“, or “elevator repair service near me” in Denver, Colorado or sourounding cities, CES can help! Colorado Elevator Solutions is a commercial elevator company that offers professional and affordable commercial elevator repair in many areas of Colorado including: Lakewood, Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood & Greenwood Village.

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Having elevator problems? Elevator not working? Have our elevator technicians come out to inspect your elevator(s) and diagnose what the problem is. We can quickly determine what type of elevator repair is needed and provide you with a written quote for repair. We can repair the most common elevator problems. Maintenance crews and property owners of buildings, municipalities, manufacturing facilities, universities, church organizations and residential apartment buildings have been relying on Colorado Elevator Solutions to provide them with the most quality and affordable elevator repairs.

We can help with the following elevator repairs and replacement services, including:

  • Commercial elevator repair
  • Adjustment to car
  • Elevator door repair
  • Equipment and door replacement
  • Replacement of power unit
  • Elevator hydraulic cylinder repair
  • Elevator controller repair
  • Replacement of main valve
  • Replacement of buttons and lighting
  • Elevator relay repair
  • Elevator circuit board repair
  • Elevator upgrades
  • Elevator modernization
  • Repair hydraulic pressure leaks
  • Elevator motor repair and replacement
  • Elevator door equipment repair

Elevator Controller & Relay Repair

An elevator relay is a dependable device that is made of electromagnets that will open and close contacts which will route logic to circuits. The basic elevator that has few stops and the manual operation of elevator doors are done by relay controllers. Complex elevators may use relays as well and did so until 1980. Although, the number of elevator relays needed can make it hard to troubleshoot relay issues if they happen. We proudly provide elevator relay repair and elevator controller repair in Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities.

We can help with the following elevator controller repair services including:

  • Solid state elevator controller repair
  • Relay elevator controller repair
  • PLC elevator controller repair

Elevator Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic elevators in the past only had a single bottom cylinder. These cylinders are prone to electrolysis and corrosion which leads to leaks or failure of the hydraulic system. Updates in the industry and with elevator safety codes now require that elevators have double bottom cylinders. These double bottom cylinders minimize environmental and safety risks.

Whether your taking preventative measures against hydraulic failure or your hydraulic cylinder is leaking, Colorado Elevator Solutions has the replacement hydraulic cylinder you are looking for.

Colorado elevator solutions can replace your single bottom hydraulic cylinder with a double bottom hydraulic cylinder. Double bottom cylinders are tape coated and surrounded by a thick PVC liner. The liner surrounds the bottom and sides of the cylinder to help protect it from groundwater electrolysis.

Elevator Motor Repair

Our elevator techs can provide on-site elevator motor repair services in Denver, Lakewood, Colorado Springs and more. We can help with the following motor repairs: Gearless Elevator Machines Repair, AC Hoist Motor Repair, Geared Elevator Machines Repair, DC Hoist Motor Repair, Flange Motor Repair, Door Operator Motor Repair, Motor Generator Set Repair, AC Dry Hydraulic Motor Repair, AC Submersible Hydraulic Motor Repair, Flexible Adapter & Coupling Repair.

Other Elevator Repair & Part Replacement Services We Provide

We can also help with:

  • Elevator Cab Interiors
  • Elevator Door Operator Packages
  • Elevator Door Panels
  • Elevator Controllers
  • Elevator Entrances
  • Elevator Fixtures
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Flange Adapters
  • Elevator Handrails
  • Elevator Hydraulic Jacks
  • Elevator Motors
  • Elevator Parts
  • Elevator Pump Units
  • Elevator Wire Rope

How Much Does Elevator Repair Cost In Denver?

The most common elevator repairs include:

  • Door hardware: $800
  • Door hardware (Electrical): $1200
  • Door hardware (Mechanical): $2800
  • Replace landing entrance doors: $3000
  • Piston: $3000
  • Travelling cables: $3000
  • Cab operating panels: $4000
  • Cab wiring: $4000
  • Replace controller wiring: $4000
  • Piston gripper installation: $15000
  • Motor replacement: $11500

*Disclaimer: These are not the actual costs of Colorado Elevator Solutions. Call CES today to get an actual quote for your elevator repair/upgrade project.