Thyssenkrupp vs Colorado Elevator Solutions
Written by Kenny D

Thyssenkrupp vs. Colorado Elevator Solutions

If you are searching for repairs, maintenance or modernization of Thyssenkrupp Elevators in Denver or Colorado Springs, Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! In this article we discuss the difference between Thyssenkrupp and Colorado Elevator Solutions.


Thyssenkrupp Elevator Service

While Thyssenkrupp has advantages being a national manufacture of elevators, they are limited to servicing their own line of elevators.

Colorado Elevator Solutions is full service elevator company that can work on any manufacturer’s elevator systems.  CES offers a comprehensive elevator maintenance agreement for Thyssenkrupp elevators.


Thyssenkrupp Elevator Modernization

Thyssenkrupp offers modernization for its own product line of elevators.

Colorado Elevator Solution is fully capable of upgrading Thyssenkrupp elevators.  Our elevator modernization scope of work covers hydraulic elevators and traction elevators.


An advantage to Facility Managers and Property Managers

If you are a property manager or maintenance manager overseeing multiple locations, having a universal elevator maintenance provider allows for easier coordination across your portfolio.

Our team of technicians work throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs market.  Simplify your operations with one universal elevator service provider.


Denver Elevator Company

Colorado Elevator Solutions is proudly independently owned and headquartered in Denver.  A full service commercial and residential elevator company that serves the Denver and Colorado Springs area.

Thyssenkrupp primary headquarters are in Germany and North American headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.


Full Service Elevator Company In Arizona & Colorado

If you are considering elevator modernization and do business in Arizona or Colorado, Arizona Elevator Solutions & Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! Give us a call today at 480-557-7600 (Elevator Modernization In Arizona303-789-9794  (Elevator Modernization In Colorado)

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